‘The Fate Of The Furious’ Review – Just Don’t Miss This Mayhem


The prodigiously successful Fast And The Furious series have only looked ahead. They grow better with speed, with technology and the action tries to outbeat the previous outing. Damn the screenplay, it is all about the visuals. A movie fit for the IMAX audience or the new 4DX generation. The movie does go blah! blah! once again about family but the preaching is just the side show. The grand event comes after every minute of some blabbering that you would want to skip if you had the remote. You are here for the action. Get the cars out already. Crash them. Burn those wheels. Get out those guns. Justify your title. Here is the ‘The Fate Of The Furious’ Review

‘The Fate Of The Furious’ Review

The Fate Of The Furious boasts of an envious cast. Having them all together can bring out frames from an Expendables movie. The movie looks crowded with a cast with names of such stature. Apart from the Vin Diesel led clan, Dwayne Johnson was called on board during the 5th outing and just when things started getting messy, Jason Statham made it to the 7th movie of the series and now they have Charlize Theron on board as the baddie from world of geeks. The commendable part, however, is when a movie manages to give scope to an actor like Tyrese Gibson or Ludacris despite the fact that a Dwayne Johnson or a Jason Statham is right there on the screen.

The story here is rather simple, Chalize Theron, playing the genius superhacker, Cipher, hacks the honeymoon of the leader of the furious clan, Dom. When Cipher wants Dom to work for her, Dom obviously doesn’t care enough until he is passed on a phone, the screen of which is not for the audience to watch. What we know next is that Dom goes rogue after the first assignment of the team led by Dwayne Johnson’s character Luke Hobbs. What follows next is mayhem centered around just one word, family. With loyalty being flipped overnight, the leaderless team take on their leader.

‘The Fate Of The Furious’ Review
‘The Fate Of The Furious’ Review – After Dom Goes Rogue

After Paul Walker’s death the makers have finally let Bryan rest in peace. With just two time mentions, Bryan does get the love of Dom and his clan. He is remembered but with less tears this time. Vin Diesel can do very less as an actor but then, action is his forte. Fast and Furious is his love and the passionate affair continues.

Kurt Russel, a member of the series since the last installment, once again is wasted. A movie stretched for 2 hours 20 minutes with Kurt Russel having nothing to do. There comes a point when Russel admits, through the script, that his job in the movie is nothing more than keeping a check on the other larger than life characters. Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs is powerful but not serious at all. He has a giggle throughout the movie like he is already aware of its box-office verdict. Jason Statham as Deckward Shaw gets a meatier role than what he had in the earlier movie. This man is made for action and when you require the fist, Jason Statham is right there. He is the only one, who looks like a good match to the mighty Luke Hobbs.

Charlize Therone gets a good part to play around the screenplay but she looks rather bored. The crooked hacker goes against the entire clan by just having the leader playing around her words and yet she does not look satisfied with her part. Tyrese Gibson, Nathalie Emmanuel, Ludacris and Michelle Rodriguez form up the rest of the crew and get enough light in every frame of action.

Although the movie has many unbelievable action moments, there is none that matches the scene from the previous installment where cars go from one skyscraper to another. Of course, you have a submarine this time. The climax action scene with mystifying snow-capped background is gold. And then, you have the scene where cars go zombie on the roads. But what beats them all is the prison break scene where Jason Statham does his job real best. Make no mistake, this movie has enough action to appetize your hunger for one and can get you dizzy with an overdose of it. In fact the mayhem on ice is bound to remind you of Mad Max. That is how crazy things go here.

‘The Fate Of The Furious’ Review
‘The Fate Of The Furious’ Review – Does This Remind You Of Mad Max?

After James Wan’s job done well with the 7th movie from the series one would have expected the director to consider the next project as well. But with James moving on with his project with DC, Director F. Gary Gray, whose successful ventures include The Italian Job and The Negotiator, was called on board to go from a heist thriller to an action extravaganza. Did Gary Gray do a fabulous work on the already immensely successful series? Let your sight have the pleasure of being the judge.

Growing up with a movie series creates a reasonable amount of attachment for the flicks. This attachment is not illogical or inappropriate, it is simply a conscious decision to stick to what you have grown up admiring so much. We are not even talking about a movie series like Harry Potter, that had a climax and followed the lines of a book. A series like Fast And The Furious serves you with an adrenaline pumping rush, keeps you engaged for hours and does not really care to ask for any form of admiration. Coz it is already right there. You only invest in a movie like ‘The Fate Of The Furious’ when you are confident of its product.

What the series needs is some humor. You have Tyrese Gibson working hard on that area but watching a big man scared whereas the other seem to be taking a dig at him, is not what humor means.

I am going with 4 out 5 for this guns and cars, too loud, too over the top action drama for living up to its entertainment value.