Dear Zindagi Review – Too Preachy Yet Beautifully Furnishes Lessons For Life


“Don’t let your past blackmail your present into ruining your beautiful future”. The idea backed by this movie can be summed up by this beautiful line. Dear Zindagi is no conventional human saga about the search for inner peace. It tells a human tale in a way that makes you understand the source of your current situation, fix it and live through the beautiful complications of a wonderful gift called life.

Gauri Shinde had wonderfully painted a masterpiece through English Vinglish, demanding that every child be gracious enough to appreciate their mother. With Dear Zindagi, the parents are on the receiving end. 

Dear Zindagi Review – Too Preachy Yet Beautifully Furnishes Lessons For Life

Remember SRK giving life lessons to Priety Zinta, asking her to live the moment to the fullest as tomorrow comes with the fear of uncertainty? Dear Zindagi, to some extent is ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ sans the romance of course. But with Dear Zindagi, SRK does not bother about the uncertainty factor attached to future. As the preachy therapist and life guru, he cares more about fixing a troubled soul together by bringing together the lost pieces of the unfinished puzzle. Dear Zindagi is beautifully scripted but with some extreme detaching scenes and enacted to perfection.

Alia Bhatt plays the damsel in distress, fighting the demons of a horrid past and a love-life that is as complicated as herself. Kaira represents the modern girl with aspirations, ready to run behind her dream caring least for those she feels undeserving, including her parents. As a cinematographer, Kaira hungers for success but her loneliness stays visible to her friends. She falls in love, even cheats but cringes the moment she finds herself at the receiving end. In spite of success luring all around her, Kaira stays pained with thoughts of her parents’ act of deception.

As tangled as this character could be, Alia Bhatt has managed to portray it in as intricate manner as she would have gone through it on the paper. In one of the scenes, Kaira displays her anger at a shopping outlet by smashing jars to the grounds and walks out after arrogantly hurling some cash at the counter. Now, scenes like these keep you worried for the protagonist and at the same time you are left muddled as to or not to sympathize for her.

Dear-Zindagi Review – Too Preachy Yet Beautifully Furnishes Lessons For Life..
Dear Zindagi Review – Too Preachy Yet Beautifully Furnishes Lessons For Life..

Shah Rukh Khan captivates the moment his presence is felt, mind you, felt and not seen on the screen. As Jahangir Khan, SRK is sensationally endearing, in spite of his unconventional therapies. The methods used by Khan to heal the mentally unstable, love lost Kaira is at times humorous and heart-rending at most of the places. He tells stories to Kaira that she fails to re-narrate and he charms, he compares life’s complications to the waves on the beach and he charms, he compares love to chair and yet he charms effortlessly.

Gauri Shinde tries to explore the shame that one experiences when therapy seems like a solution. Through this movie, she succeeds in making you realize that failure is not eternal and agreeing for a solution is no shame. But when compared to her previous stint at directing, Gauri Shinde goes way below the bar. English Vinglish was easily relatable to every class and individual though with Dear Zindagi, you don’t relate to Alia Bhatt entirely.

Dear Zindagi caters to the niche audience and will find it tough to leave a mark on the rest. The movie is enjoyable in parts and it is Alia’s upsetting sense of humour that will make you like her in spite of her wrongs. It is sheer joy to watch SRK swaying through the movie with ease and throwing away pieces of advice, every time he appears on the screen, like he is a pro. Other minor characters do their job well but it is Yashaswini Dayama, who is the most likable one of the lot from the friend list that Kaira holds too dear to her.

Dear Zindagi Review – Too Preachy Yet Beautifully Furnishes Lessons For Life..

With the ongoing demonetization scenario in the country, Dear Zindagi seems to be a necessity for the pseudo modern country that we are living in. So just spend on this one.

We go with 3.5 out of 5 for this high on drama saga.