Airlift Review : Akshay Kumar lifts Bollywood

Airlift Review

Bollywood has always been intelligent when it comes to bringing out the patriot in every Indian. Whether or not a person has an ounce of devotion for the nation, Bollywood can easily pull out the soul that cries the cry of pride, that speaks volume in feelings of love and patriotism. Akshay Kumar’s latest offering is not completely a movie dealing with a patriot. Its supposedly a true story of a man, who takes pride in calling himself a Kuwaiti and forgets his origin as an Indian. But then, Airlift has that one dialogue which sums up the entire movie. ‘Chot Lagti Hain Toh Aadmi Maa Maa Hi Chillata Hai Sabse Pehle’. (When a person is hurt, he first calls for his mother). However true this sentence might be, the essence of it can drive you insane. Here is the Airlift Review from our end.

Airlift Review : Airlift is Akshay Kumar’s show aimed directly at the one day patriots of the country.

Our Rating – 4/5

Akshay Kumar plays the calm and composed Ranjit Katyal who takes up the responsibility of almost every Indian that has comfortably settled in Kuwait. In spite of the fact that India had started to steadily fade away from their minds, these Indian Kuwaitis get us to believe that the tricoloured flag had them teary-eyed. To sum up the plot simply, Airlift is loosely based on the real story of the largest evacuation executed by the Indian government in 1990. With the support of Air India, the government manages to Airlift as many as 1,70,000 NRIs and safely land them back home. Airlift loses its beat by simply making it a one man show. There is a lot of talk around Akshay Kumar’s unusual pairing with Nimrat Kaur but did she even matter? You will care for the 1,70,000 strangers more than you would for Nimrat Kaur.

Akshay Kumar does an impressive job with Airlift

Airlift claims to be created more from facts and diverts less towards the fancies of Bollywood. But that is only what you will be made to believe. Lets make it clear that Airlift’s plot is in a deep mess if it promises to be a true story. So lets agree that Airlift has taken away the credit of the government’s smooth operation and handed over the trophy of the hero to Ranjit Katyal. The movie only deals with Katyal’s antics as he all of sudden goes from being a family man to the person who gives a damn for the countless Indians left stranded in a distant country.

As a movie, Airlift is laudable. It has scenes that are gruesome. Be it the scene where Akshay Kumar drives, terrorized by the mass murders taking place on every corner of the road. Or be it the end of his trusted driver. The knowledge of the fact that Kuwait had stayed without a government during the period when its people needed them the most will induce fear and send chills through your veins. With young, under-aged Iraqi millitants travelling around with guns, terror does not stay within the screen. You can sense the audience twitch with fear and then hear them sigh. The scale of the movie is grand especially the entire attack sequence. The movie does get milder at points where panic takes a back seat although terror is visible.

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The paramount part about Airlift however is a severe act of deception. It is Akshay Kumar’s portrayal of a superhero named Ranjit Katyal. Somehow Ranjit’s act of saving almost an entire village of people single-handedly does not look real and the writers give away the fact that Bollywood without fiction cannot knit together entertainment. Anyhow, Akshay Kumar has done a commendable job and some might go on to calling it his best act ever. Airlift banks on this star and a gripping narrative. The script maintains a pace that calls for urgency and keeps you at the edge of your seat. Raja Krishna Menon, the director of the year’s event release, has displayed his skill and has proved that he has an eye for perfection. He has for sure given Akshay Kumar the much needed 100 crore blockbuster which brings him into the list of elite.

Airlift may be flawed at many levels but it does not tumble down like typical Bollywood thrillers. The movie continues to maintain its rapid pace and narrates a tale that is both touching and invokes reaction. You will not be leaving the theatre silent or without a clap. Akshay Kumar’s hair raising act as the lead character will make you a fan. Purab Kohli’s emotional act seeks love and love is what his character will get. Feryna Wazheir’s role as the sole Kuwaiti in a crowd of 1,70,000 Indians will conjure terror within you. Feryna has no dialogue apart from some muttering that gives her identity away each time. One surprise package is Inaamulhaq. After his stint in Filmistaan, this talented actor gets a role that might turn around his career. Inaamulhaq is the bad man of the movie. Saddam’s associate, the threat for Ranjit Katyal will make you burst with rage. His act of unhindered wickedness and the sadistic approach he portrays towards the Kuwaitis is applaud worthy.

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Akshay Kumar has never looked this good before. His grasp over scenes that require heavy dose of efforts is worth watching. Its a story that glorifies the passion of an unsung national hero that truly did not exist. Akshay’s role of a rich Kuwaiti based business man and his transformation to a desperate man in dire need of help is commendable and worth every rupee you have spent. Akshay wears a tough look yet looks immaculate. That is how easily he has carried the burden of rescuing 1,70,000 Indians.

Airlift sticks to its subject of showcasing the bond that is developed out of trust. The bond that humans develop out of trust for the country that they had once left behind in the name of better future. The usage of the national flag and the chants of Vande Mataram in the background is enough for the Indianness in us to come alive. But such patriotism fades quick. For some it take a few days and for some a bite into the burger is enough. Yes Airlift does leave behind an impact but it is not the feeling of patriotism, its Akshay Kumar’s fine acting and Raja Krishna Menon’s creditable work as the director.

The Ups

  • Scale of the movie
  • Akshay Kumar’s superlative performance
  • The grippy narrative
  • Inaamulhaq, the man of no mercy
  • The fearsome Iraqi Army
  • Soch Na Sake Song

The Downs

  • Too Much Indianness
  • Mild at points
  • Unnecessary songs in between
  • Wavers from facts

Go Watch Airlift and you will be happy to see Bollywood maturing. Watch Airlift for Akshay Kumar. This movie will guarantee success for the man and will appease his fans in every way. Remain Filmy!

Our Rating : 4/5

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  1. In his own special style, Sawan has once again given a fantastic review. You actually see the movie play in your mind as you read the review. Great review once again. Keep it going.