Writing is about the collective effort of the mind and the heart. If I ever had to wait until I felt like writing I might have never started writing at all. Filmy Interval focuses on my love to express.

Filmy Interval – All Day Entertainment

After the passion finally took over my will power to resist, I decided to create this mini website. Filmy Interval will dwell into everything bollywood and all that is interesting but is not bollywood. Filmy Interval does not challenge to be unique but we promise you that we belong to the lot that is termed as ‘different’.

This endevour is what passionate writing is about, be it bollywood, entertainment or the trending topics of the world. Our entertainment based web pages only thrive to provide you the latest from the entertainment world in as entertaining manner as possible.

While we begin our journey here on, we also would like to invite any passionate writers to come up with unique write ups and showcase their talent right here. You can mail us at,

Filmy Interval shall remain filmy in all its endeavours and hopes to keep you entertained. Remain Filmy, remain entertained.