Top Amazing Toilets Of The World

The Top Amazing Toilets Of The World

Crazy is just a word for those who could come up with something this innovative for a place that we spend quiet good amount of our life in. We are talking about the toilets. Taking a shit or a moment to let out a trickle could turn out to be an experience on its own if it was any of these toilets that you could visit or possess. Here is out list of ‘The Top Amazing Toilets Of The World’.

Top Amazing Toilets Of The World

1. What Shines, also Glitters

Top Amazing Toilets Of The World – The Swarovski Studded Toilet

If you wanna study the reality of one’s luxury just visit the wash room. This Swarovski Studded Toilet is simply a design of luxury meant for those who shit money. Kind of. Priced at $75,000 these toilets are studded with Swarovski all around and designed by Jemal Wright. Remember ‘if this is not the toilet you sit on, you have not lived a life of luxury’. Not Yet.

2. Rolling Stones Toilet

Top Amazing Toilets Of The World – The Rolling Stones Toilet

Who ever thought Rolling Stones could inspire a whole range of toilets around the world? You think we are kidding? Yes these urinals seem to have taken inspiration right from the Rolling Stones Band. These urinals sure can do some magic.

3. The Pee Buckets

Top Amazing Toilets Of The World – Galvanized Buckets Used As Toilets At A Bar

A bar in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia have these galvanized buckets as urinals. You know what makes it more amazing? They call this idea of toilet as simplistic. Yeah! Sure.

4. The Vertebrae

Top Amazing Toilets Of The World – The Vertebrae

A multi-purpose toilet is the need of the hour and The Vertebrae is exactly that. With a shower meant for the adults at the top, followed by a shower for kid, followed by storage and controls, followed by a sink and lastly consisting of the toilet. This is just a wonder of engineering.

5. Fish N Flush

Top Amazing Toilets Of The World – Fish N Flush

Is it an aquarium? Is it a Toilet? Oh! Its both. These toilets known as the Fish ‘N’ Flush is an aquarium attached to a toilet seat. These wonderful looking toilets are now easily available in the market too. Not so much in India though. Fishy! Right?

6. The Glassy Affair

This may sound like an attack to your privacy but if you are adventures enough and would enjoy something wacky, welcome to this cube shaped toilet on the street of London. Yes it is meant for the public and is built into a see through mirrored wall that allows visibility only from the inside.

Top Amazing Toilets Of The World – See Through Toilets Found On The Streets Of New Zealand and London

A similar lavatory exists even in New Zealand. Here, the visibility turns into two way, once the doors are opened. Also the unique design of the toilets turns the walls transparent if the sensors in the toilet fail to sense any movement for straight ten minutes. No drinking and shitting.

7. The Centennial Park Amenities

Top Amazing Toilets Of The World – The Centennial Park Amenities in Sydney, Australia

The Centennial Park Amenities in Sydney, Australia. A modern, state of the art structure that enhances the beauty of the park instead of turning it into a stinking pit. The toilets here are worth a visit and it is not just we who are saying so. The Centennial Park Amenities had ranked number two in the best toilets of the world. You will be enthralled by its beautiful design inside and out. Wow Toilet.

8. The Engineering Wonder

Top Amazing Toilets Of The World Top-Amazing-Toilets-Of-The-World

Built out of folded, coloured, aluminium sheets, this toilet in Uster, Switzerland is meant for public use. The amazing aluminium fold give rise to effects that will differ from angle to angle and distance to distance.

9. The Retractable Urinals

Top Amazing Toilets Of The World – Retractable Urinals

These retractable Urinals appear right out of the ground when the demand for public sanitation is at its high. These urinals stay beneath the ground during the day time and come to use for the people involved in the night life. Retractable Urinals have found place in London, Amsterdam and many other cities and is a better option for those who pee in style.

10. The Headless Dragon Toilet

Top Amazing Toilets Of The World – The Headless Dragon Toilets

Designed to replicate a headless dragon and built by studio pacific, these public toilets are located in Wellington, New Zealand. These iconic but unusual designs of loo are the epitome of hygiene keeping in consideration the necessity of public. These two structures collectively accommodate two lavish toilets and the steeled structure is mark of luxury from within. It feels like a restaurant inside.

11. The L’Uritonnoirs

Top Amazing Toilets Of The World – L’Uritonnoir Sustainable Toilet In France

How much deal can one make out of pee? These simply designed toilets don’t just act as rest-rooms but do their bit for mother nature as well. The L’Uritonnoirs have toilet funnels dug into a pile of hay and with the combination of nitrogen from the urine and carbon from the hay, manure is created within roughly a year or half. Amazing right?

12. The Shooters

Top Amazing Toilets Of The World – The Angry Shooters

If anger helps you pee and if target shooting is your pee game, these urinals can be your destination toilets. Located in Reykjavik, Iceland these urinals at a bar have photographs of rich Bank Lords who fled the country during the financial crisis. Looks like the bar owner still holds some grudge against them.

13. The Lonely Toilet

Toilets In The Sahara Desert
Top Amazing Toilets In The World – Toilets In The Sahara Desert

Wondering into the Sahara desert can be strenuous especially to your kidneys. A deep walk into the dessert can get you in proximity to these toilets that are the only hope of relief. For those who mind doing their business and covering it up with sand, these place can help with some privacy and comfort.

14. No Blowing These Trumpets

Top Amazing Toilets Of The World – The Toilets Of The Trumpets

Blowing a trumpet might not be your cup of tea but peeing in it can be an easy task. These trumpet designed urinals in ‘The Bell Inn’ situated at the border of Sussex and Kent turns out to be an experience designed to pee. Well done Bell Inn.

15. The Dagobert Wooden Toilet

dagoburt wooden toilet thrones
Top Amazing Toilets Of The World – Dagoburt Wooden Toilet Thrones

The Dagobert Wooden Toilet thrones is inspired from the last ruler of the French Merovingian Dynasty by the name of Dagobert. The toilet is rich in every sense. Be it the music that plays once the lid is lifted or the chain flush or the ashtray and the candle stand. This toilet sure befits a ruler. It is available for all at the foreign markets at a huge cost though.

If you thought these were not enough fascinating, let us know what you have for us. Next time you visit the loo, understand what ordinary a life you are leading. Ting!