The Best Optical Illusion Of Recent Times

The Best Optical Illusion Of Recent Times
The Best Optical Illusion Of Recent Times

All right! The internet is now being loaded by optical illusions and while social media is nothing less than an illusion in itself, optical illusions are turning out to be super icebreakers. Now, this new illusion is getting the world, especially the social media world, crazy and this one is no ordinary illusion like the color changing dress. All thanks to Arron Bevin for sharing the image on Facebook. It easily is one of The Best Optical Illusion Of Recent Times.

This optical illusion requires concentration, for some it will require a hell lot of it, and once you get the illusion…. you will never be seeing the same image again.

That is the power of the brain. Once you crack the illusion, what you will only see is the truth and the illusion will fade away..

Try it..


Got it?


Try again..

FB_IMG_1463624356777The optical illusion has a cigar in between the bricks…. If you have failed to sight it.. Try imagining a face of a man with a cigar in his mouth. Look to the right-end of the image..

FB_IMG_1463624356777Got it? We could just not make it simpler than this.

The reason why I made it simple is…. It took my tiny brain a real deal of precious time to get to it.

And now that the illusion has been cracked, what I see on the image is a damn cigar popping out from between the bricks. Easily the best optical illusion of recent times.

If you have not got it.. Look at it once again. The Best Optical Illusion of recent times.

FB_IMG_1463624356777Have fun and share it with others…

You can thank Arron Bevin once again for sharing the image..