Mayanti Langer Gives A Classy Reply To The Trollers, Shuts Them Forever


Accept it! This is the trolling generation and more than once, you too have been trolling someone or the other. But at times, things go way beyond the line of tolerance and then it is time for a lesson to be learnt.

Sports anchor, Mayanti Langer and all-rounder Stuart Binny have been married for 4 years now. Binny had already been facing trolls, who believe that Binny has got way beyond his worth. However, he turned into an object of mockery after he was hit for 32 runs in a single over by in-form batsman Evin Lewis, who ended the over with 5 sixes.

Call it the stupid mentality of these trollers, tweets started to pour in aiming at Stuart Binny’s poor performance. The tweets obviously criticized and mocked the cricketer but the trollers just didn’t stop at that. Binny’s better half, Mayanti Langer too was trolled for just one reason – being Stuart Binny’s wife.

Mayanti Langer, who was anchoring the channel’s panel show for the match seemed to be having a tough time already as India ended up losing (not due to Stuart Binny). The trollers kept tweeting, hitting mercilessly at Mayanti Langer and only showing to what low standards one can fall.

Some of the trolling tweets :

  1. He calls himself Mahapurush. Irony just died a thousand deaths here.

2. This one is surviving on twitter doing just this.

3. To one of them, Harsha Bhogle showed his fury

4. This one hunts. ROFL

With many such tweets filling the social media, many joined the trollers and found them funny. But unlike, Stuart Binny, Mayanti Langer refused to stay behind the curtains and she has now finally come out, lashing at the trollers but in her very own classy manner with just one single tweet.

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Mayanti Langer Gives A Classy Reply To The Trollers
Mayanti Langer Gives A Classy Reply To The Trollers, Shuts Them Forever

Mayanti Langer’s classy reply is more than enough to put these trollers to shame. Here is hoping that some sense gets into them.

Well done Mayanti Langer.