The Fascinating Legend Of Badluram – The Man Behind Assam Regiment’s March

The Fascinating Legend Of Badluram – The Man Behind Assam Regiment’s March
The Fascinating Legend Of Badluram – The Man Behind Assam Regiment’s March

Badluram Ka Badan Zamin Ke Neeche Hai..Aur Humko Uska Ration Milta Hai” (Badluram’s body is buried below the earth and it gives us ration). This march of the Assam regiment sounds energetic and one needs to watch the soldiers move to the beats, filled with pride, emitting a sense of security for themselves and hope for the on-lookers. The first time I got to watch the soldiers singing the morale boosting song/march in unison, I was left with goosebumps. This is what fearless men can do to you. The legend behind this captivating march is heartening.

First Let Us Listen To The March/Song

The joyful ‘Badluram Ka Badan’ march during the passing out ceremony of young recruits

The Fascinating Legend Of Badluram – The Man Behind Assam Regiment’s March

Badluram, a brave soldier had met with his end during the war with Japan. Even after his death during the World War II, the regimental officer responsible for administering barracks continued to collect ration in the name of Badluram. Later, the regiment was surrounded by the Japanese army and all supplies had been cut-off. During these days of siege by the enemy, it was the surplus accumulated in the name of Badluram that had saved the lives of many soldiers.

If not for the surplus collected in the name Badluram, the soldiers would have to die of hunger. The regiment not only survived the siege but also spread the tale of how Badluram saved lives even after his death. To this day, the Assam regiment remember Badluram, who saved many lives of the brave. Thus, Badluram, his buried body and the ration he provided is remembered during the time of celebration, during the moments when a morale uplifting is most needed.

Various renditions of the anthem have been passed on and ‘Badluram Ka Badan’ still remains the march that motivates the Rhinos (the mascot of the Assam regiment). This song is played during the passing out ceremony of the recruits at Shillong and is extremely inspiring and morally elevating. The march celebrates their triumph, it motivates them for the war, it celebrates their unity and boosts them with courage, inspiring them to stay brave and inspire the others in the same way.

Below Is The Documentary On Havildar Hangpan Dada. Do Observe The Song At The End Of Documentary.

On 26th January 2017, Havildar Hangpan Dada was awarded the Ashok Chakra and it was his wife, who received the award on the behalf of the brave martyr. The highest peacetime military award is given to honor the brave for his action of valour and self-sacrifice. Havildar Hangpan Dada, the recipient of the award was a brave ‘Jawaan’ of the Assam Regiment and along with the award, a short documentary enacting his act of bravery was made public. The video also highlights the Assam Regiments March and it is absolutely enjoyable.

When one speaks of the Indian Military such acts of bravery are always spoken about and so are the folklores that have given rise to today’s chants that inspire all.