Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer


Carcinophobia is another word for Cancerophobia which literally means the fear of having Cancer. While millions go through this fear, many have gone through the real struggle involved with Cancer. Cancer spells death and a fight against death is not a battle for the weak. No fight is a fight in vain. And only those who fight death can understand the essence of it all. While the word ‘Cancer’ is enough to fill you with fear of a bleak future, we will today discuss about the top celebrities of the world who battled against cancer in a manner so brave that they defeated death and began a life fresh and new. While most of them went on with their routine life, few of them became an inspiration to others and the rest took it upon themselves to spread awareness and share stories of their fight for life. Here are the Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer and gained our respect.

Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer

Ayaan Hashmi – Emraan Hashmi’s 4yr Old Son

Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer
Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer – AYAAN HASHMI

Recently, Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi released a book penned by himself titled, ‘The Kiss Of Life’. The book spoke in detail of his son’s fight with cancer. When 4 year old Ayaan Hashmi had been diagnosed with a tumour in the kidney that was malignant, Emraan Hashmi was shattered. After collecting himself together, Emraan Hashmi settled his wife and son at Toronto while Ayaan’s chemotherapy had kick-started. While his son braved cancer, Emraan Hashmi had to juggle between his professional commitments and fatherhood. Emraan Hashmi reveals that he had to lie to his son about buying him gifts as he had to leave him in Toranto. Emraan Hashmi’s professionalism and Ayaan Hashmi’s bravery deserves a salute from our side.

Robert De Niro

Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer
Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer – ROBERT DE NIRO

One of the most respected actors of Hollywood, Robert De Niro had discovered about his prostate cancer in 2003 during one of his regular check ups. The Academy Award winner had taken home Oscars for his role as Veto Corleone in ‘The Godfather Part 2’ and for his role as Jake LaMotta in ‘The Raging Bulls’. However, the early detection of the cancer and De Niro’s fighting spirit did not let cancer have the better of him and he soon recovered. Robert De Niro continues to be the star that he was and he until date has been shooting for movies with the same energy.


Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer – MUMTAZ

The yesteryear actress Mumtaz too had suffered from breast cancer. Since the illness gripped her at a phase of life when she was away from media frenzy and glamour, the news did not make much noise. Mumtaz’s fight against cancer continues to be inspiring and at the age of 54, this legendary actress refused to give in to the life threatening illness. Once Mumtaz had recovered, the actress was adamant on getting back to shape. And she of course did get back to shape, like she was never a cancer patient at all.

Tom Green

Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer – TOM GREEN

The Canadian comedian, actor, writer and rapper Mr. John Green was a major television celebrity during his time. He had gained mainstream exposure through his television show on MTV titled, ‘The Tom Green Show’. Tom Green was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2000 and was treated on time. After his quick recovery, Tom Green produced and directed a one hour episode on MTV entitled, ‘The Tom Green Cancer Special’. The show had scenes that divulged into his fight with cancer and also had footages from the treatment that he had gone through. The spectators were surprised to watch a comedian’s humane side. Sounds a lot like the story of Funny People right?

Kylie Minogue

Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer – KYLIE MINOGUE

The Chiggy Wiggy girl from the movie Blue, starring Akshay Kumar and Sanjay Dutt was one of the top celebrities to have undergone treatment for cancer. As the Australian Singer was preparing for the Australian leg of the Showgirl tour, Kylie Minogue was diagnosed with breast cancer and the tour had to be cancelled midway. Ten years after her brush with death, Kylie Minogue had been interviewed and questioned about her phase as a cancer patient. Kylie Minogue was in tears as she explained how she was forced to depend on others to take care of her. Something that she never encouraged earlier. Kylie’s fight against breast cancer as she braved through chemo and radiotherapy is a tale of courage for all across.

Kathy Bates

Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer – KATHY BATES

Keeping your diagnosis a secret is hard enough but for Hollywood actress Kathy Bates, this secret was under the wraps for around six year. In 2003, the actress, known for her roles in Titanic, The Blind Side and many others along with her television acts, was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. Her battle was rather a private one with her family by her side. Kathy Bates in 2009 revealed in an interview that she was bound by a contract and had to immediately continue with the signed project after she had made a recovery. In a public service announcement for the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, Kathy Bates went on to narrate how she had a feeling that something was wrong with her. She also went on to narrate frame to frame of the incident when her doctor finally confirmed cancer.

Barbara Mori

Barbara-Mori-Cancer-SurvivorBarbara Mori, the leading lady of Rakesh Roshan’s ambitious project Kites is a proud cancer survivor. She is still recognized in India as the actress opposite Hrithik Roshan in the movie that bombed splendidly in the country’s box-office. Barbara Mori later once again gained popularity among Indian audience when a docu-drama titled, 1 a minute that was released by Actress Namrata Singh Gujral. The docu-drama dealt with celebrity cancer survivors and their freedom against the deadly sickness.

Rod Stewart

Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer – ROD STEWART

One of the biggest names in Rock music, Rod Stewart suffered from thyroid cancer in 1999. One of the greatest musicians of all times, the singer went through treatment in 2000 and went on to recover successfully. With an enviable career, the musician had to once again start from scratch as far as his singing skills are concerned. ‘A fight after a brave fight’ they said.

Yuvraj Singh

Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer – YUVRAJ SINGH

After his display of heroism on the field, it was time for Yuvraj Singh’s test of life as he was diagnosed with cancer. The Indian Cricketer was announced the player of the season at the 2011 World Cup and just few days after it, the world received news of this Star Cricketer falling prey to Cancer. As the world watched the news channels in shock, they prayed for their favorite Cricketer and hoped to get news of his quick recovery. Yuvraj Singh was flown to Indianapolis were he had undergone Chemotherapy. Soon, the cricketing legend was back on the field and his fight against cancer forced him to come up with a book entitled, ‘The Fight Of My Life, From Cricket To Cancer and Back’.

Mr. T

Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer
Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer – Mr. T

Now this one is interesting. Mr. T had challenged many on ring during his time at the WWF and had gone as far as fighting the legendary Rocky Balboa in the movie Rocky 3. But in 1995, Mr. T had the greatest of challengers that he had to fight though courage and the strength of spirit. Yes, we are talking of cancer. The actor, wrestler was diagnosed with a rare type of T-cell lymphoma. While, Mr. T had gone through the CAT scan, the results had kept the fighter anxious and worried for a long while. When the results indicated that the cancer was localized to his ear alone, MR. T fought bravely and recovered like a true survivor with months of treatment. “Mr. T being diagnosed with T-cell! A personalised form of cancer” said Mr. T during one of the interviews after his recovery.

Manisha Koirala

Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer – MANISHA KOIRALA WITH HER FATHER

The nation watched in shock as news spread of Manisha Koirala suffering from Ovarian Cancer. In 2012, the actress had already done her bit in Bollywood and the disease added to the end of her glittering career. While the beauty had a tough battle to fight, the actress totally agrees that Cancer has taught her to appreciate life and love herself more. The cancer was identified in Kathmandu and she was flown down to a prestigious hospital of India. As the case looked too complicated, she had to be taken to the U.S for further treatment.

Olivia Newton John

Olivia-Newton-John-Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer
Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer – OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN

The four-time Grammy Award winner, Olivia Newton John suffered from Breast Cancer during the later years of her career. The singer, actor went on to fight cancer and achieved victory. While the fans were relieved, Olivia Newton took it upon herself to help other cancer patients. She continued to keep herself connected to cancer by donating a large share of her earnings to cancer organizations.

Anurag Basu

Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer – ANURAG BASU

We told you about the actress of the bollywood movie Kites fighting her battle with cancer. But there was another member of this same movie who too had a similar battle to handle. He is none other than director Anurag Basu. Anurag was diagnosed with acute promyelocytic lukemia just a few months after his marriage in 2004. During a particular show on Zee Tv that he judges, Anurag Basu revealed that he was given only a fifty percent chance of survival. Basu also adds that he treated the blood cancer like a cold and cough and braved all the odds as they came by. What is extremely fascinating is that Anurag Basu refused to discontinue working in the movie ‘Tumsa Nahi Dekha’ that he was filming. He completed the entire movie while on bed. Now what earns him further respect is that Anurag Basu had penned the script of ‘Life In A Metro’ and Gangster’ as he was recovering from his illness. Two movie that went on to be major HITS.

Jaclyn Smith

abcnews-Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer
Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer – JACLYN SMITH

Remember the Charlie’s Angels girl? Unlike the movie where she survived crashes and explosions, Jaclyn Smith’s battle with breast cancer was a real life situation that she was not prepared to go through until the news was broken to her by her doctor. Cancer on the left breast was what she heard when she went to pick up her biopsy report. However, the cancer was detected early enough and Jaclyn Smith was all set to fight her way through this tough phase of life. Kaclyn Smith recalls that it was when she educated herself with Breast Cancer, that she gained the strength to fight it off. The actress thanks her friends for surviving through the near death experience.

Christina Applegate

Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer – CHRISTINA APPLEGATE….. image credits – bullfax.com

The funny woman, Christina Applegate calls herself lucky for detecting breast cancer at an early stage. She thanks her doctor for the MRI scan that was recommended. While at the age of 30, the actress managed to wave of the cancer scare with a quick treatment that hurt her very less both emotionally and financially. After her recovery in 2008, the actress realized the financial hardships that one usually goes through during the fight against cancer. In 2009, Christina was involved in helping cancer patients and she soon started her very own foundation for the purpose.

Lance Armstrong

Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer
Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer – LANCE ARMSTRONG

This man is a born fighter. Lance Armstrong was among few who was not lucky enough to have his cancer detected early. His testicular cancer was detected at a stage where it had ventured into his lungs and brains. His chances of survival was dim but his fight wasn’t. The legendary road racing cyclist did not only win his battle against cancer but went on to win the ‘Tour De France’ seven times. Now that is Victory.

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon-Osbourne-Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer
Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer – Sharon Osbourne

The wife and manager of the heavy metal icon Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon was diagnosed with cancer when she had to visit the doctor for her overdue check-up. The colon cancer was soon detected and what caused further panic was the fact that cancer had spread. The television celebrity, the judge of X-Factor and America’s Got Talent managed to get over her dark days with the prayers of her husband and fans. After her chemo in 2002 Sharon managed to survive this death spelling curse and she has worked towards her Sharon Osbourne colon Cancer Program.

Cynthia Nixon

Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer – Cynthia Nixon

You should know her as Miranda Hobbes from the t.v series, Sex In The City. The Baby’s Day Out actress Cynthia Nixon was diagnosed with breast cancer in october 2006. However, she was not prepared to deal with the chaos that would spread in her life and she kept the matter away from public ears. In 2008, she elaborately narrated her entire battle against cancer in an interview to Good Morning America. She has been doing her bit to help cancer patients after winning her battle against the deadly disease.

Lisa Ray

Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer – Lisa Ray

Known best for her role in the critically acclaimed movie Water, Lisa Ray faced a rare form of cancer in 2009 whereby her immunity was weakened after the WBCs called plasma were affected by cancer. Her smoothly sailing career of glamour was plunged into darkness when she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. After panicing initially, the actress went into treatment and with the support of her family, Lisa soon recovered until on July, 2010 when she was announced as a cancer survivor. Lisa’s vision of life and future changed entirely after battling this dreaded illness. She today spends time writing and is vigorously connected to many cancer organizations.

Gautami Tadimalla

Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer – Gautami Thadimalla…… Image Source – India Today

Tamil actress Gautami Tadimalla suffered from breast cancer at the age of 35 while she was a single mother. The actress successfully put up a brave fight against cancer and during one of her interviews, she revealed about the stress that she had gone through during the phase. She also informed that she was aware of Breast Cancer being one of the more curable of cancers. Gautami today is in a relationship with her partner Kamal Hassan and continues to contribute to Tamil Cinema.

Namrata Singh Gujral

Cancer-Survivor-Namrata-Singh-GujralThe Indian American actress in 2008 found out that she in fact had breast cancer. Luckily for Namrata Singh Gujral, the cancer was detected during the early stages and she successfully managed to put up a brave fight against it. After her recovery, Namrat is now the president of the Uni-Globe Entertainment that has churned out works that include the much acclaimed docudrama ‘1 A Minute’.

Michael Douglas

Celebrities Of The World Who Battled Against Cancer – Michael Douglas

Hollywood star Michael Douglas, an academy award winner had suffered from cancer in the recent past but things went crazy when Douglas blamed his intimate sessions with his wife for his throat cancer. While this state made was bold, it definitely was a shocking one as it was revealed on tabloids. The Hollywood star later informed in an interview to Samuel L Jackson that he had to lie about his throat cancer and the cancer actually was at the base of his tongue. He explained that his tongue cancer could have caused him to go under the knife and hence he was forced to keep this information under wraps. Later, Douglas agreed that blaming his wife’s vagina for his cancer wasn’t exactly a smart move. Keeping controversies off this Hollywood bigwig aside, this tough man too had a rough battle to fight, from which he rose victorious.

Every struggle is a step towards freedom. With such inspirational stories all around us, Cancer certainly looks like a mere speed-breaker to a smooth beautiful road ahead called Life. Cancer is not the end of life, its a hope for a new beginning. While the above celebrities inspire us and deserve our appreciation, there are many around us who have fought through such tragedies and risen stronger and braver.