25 Cartoons That Need To Return On Television

Cartoons That Need To Return On Television
Cartoons That Need To Return On Television

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, the trio forming the Powerpuff Girls, will be back on Cartoon Network. With hardly any changes the Powerpuff Girls look the same. They still have tiny mouth and no nose, they still are adorable and ready to fight the bad. However, Powerpuff girls will see change in the voices with 11 years being a long stretch of a period for return. It did strike to us that youngsters above the age of 20 were the most excited lot who had witnessed the cartoon on their TV sets for years long. Now that we are all happy about the return of this all time favourite cartoon, let us have a look at the list of Cartoons That Need To Return On Television.

25 Cartoons That Need To Return On Television

1. Popeye

25 Cartoons That Need To Return On Television – The Rough and Tough and Funny. Mr. Popeye

The underdog with a flamboyant image. The spinach crazy sailor with bulging arms. We do miss his presence when it comes to the cartoons that built our childhood. I just hummed the song in my mind. ‘Popeye The Sailor Man’.

2. Samurai Jack

Cartoons That Need To Return On Television – The Action Hero, Samurai Jack

We still cannot forget the action hero Samurai Jack. Our introduction to time travel drama definitely began with this one. Whenever Jack swayed his sword to defeat the evil men of super deadly Aku, we were glued to our television sets. Why is there no more of him?

3. The Flintstones

Cartoons That Need To Return On Television – The Family That Stayed Together, ‘The Flintstones’.

No one can forget this one. America’s first Animated prime time television series took Cartoon Network by storm and just stole the hearts of every kid whose family had a cable connection. The story of a modern stone age family where Fred lived a life of restlessness but always stuck to his beautiful family was endearing in every episode. Be it his wife Wilma Flintsones or his daughter Pebble. Or for that matter matter his neighbour Rubble and his family. Every character in The Flintstones was a hit and remain edged in our memory. Yes they do.

4. The Road Runner Show

Cartoons That Need To Return On Television
Cartoons That Need To Return On Television – The Fast But Never Furious, The Road Runner Show.

The separate compilations from the Loony Tunes cartoon gave birth to this one and The Road Runner Show by itself was a heart stealer. The Road Runner Show had hardly an engaging plot but the mere fact that a little bird time and again defeats a never giving up coyote was a scene you could skip food for. Peep Peeep?

5. Captain Planet

Cartoons That Need To Return On Television – The Combination Of Varying Powers, Captain Planet

Captain Planet, he is our hero. Gonna take pollution down to zero. If you actually have never sung this in your childhood, you probably never watched cartoons. When the powers of Fire, Water, Earth, Wind and Heart combined, Captain Planet would arrive. That was the moment that one waited for and when he finally did come, the cheering was deafening. Captain Planet, he is our hero. Oh! Childhood.

6.  Dexter’s Laboratory

Cartoons That Desperately Need A Comeback On Television-dexters

While the world slept safe, they remained unaware of the brilliant work of invention carried out by the genius child, the lab geek, Dexter. While his sister did work hard too, it was to cause ruin. Dexter’s battle against his enemies too made this show a memorable experience.

7. Courage The Cowardly Dog

Cartoons That Need To Return On Television
Cartoons That Need To Return On Television – The story of a fearing dog called Courage.

How do you induce courage into a dog that survives on fear? Courage the cowardly dog was part of the daily schedule for every kid at every block. Does courage overcome his fears and save the old couple once again? We watched every episode and got the answers each time.

8. Woody Woodpecker

Cartoons That Need To Return On Television – Knock! Knock! It’s Woody Woodpecker.

Born out of a couple’s experience with noisy and irritating Woodpecker during a rainy night, Woody Woodpecker took over the television world just like many others during the cartoon era. The Universal Studio’s entertaining offering was first named Knock Knock in 1940s but when it reached the television, the name Woody Woodpecker seemed befitting. We as kids too considered it a staple show until it all of a sudden left the Cartoon Network channel.

9. Johnny Bravo

Cartoons That Need To Return On Television – The Die Hard Romantic – Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo sure seemed like a love guru but his way of flirting was a hilarious watch. His overdose of confidence, tight black t-shirt and yellow hair still is missed. Apart from being a die hard romantic and a constant flirt, Johnny Bravo was brave. With his artsy karate chops, Johnny did find a way with the girls.

10. Tweety and Sylvester

Cartoons That Need To Return On Television – Tweety and Sylvester. Oh! So Adorable

While Tom and Jerry continues its run on the Indian Television, Tweety and Sylvester had to bid farewell. The concept differing very less from that of Tom and Jerry, Tweety too had a tough time escaping from Sylvester. Though they both did join hands when granny opened up an agency. Or that is what granny was made to believe. But was it worth watching a similar plot with different characters? Oh Yes!.

11. Justice League

Cartoons That Need To Return On Television – The League Of Extraordinary Heroes. Justice League.

When the heroes of DC comics came together to fight evil forces for the first time, it was Justice League. It has been ages since then and we have literally turned tired waiting for Hollywood to repeat the same on the large screen. But watching Batman, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and others together gave us goosebumps even then. Agree?

12. Duck Tales

Cartoons That Need To Return On Television – The Duck Tales

When uncle Scrooge involves his grandnephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie in his pursuit for enormous wealth, they embark upon a journey of extraordinary adventures. Donald Duck too kept us entertained thoroughly in this tale of ducks.

13. Swat Kats

Cartoons That Need To Return On Television – The super, The deadly. Swat Kats.

As T-Bone and Razor, the two grounded pilot members of the Megakat city’s law enforcement agency continue their pursuit to defeat their enemy, they are also forced to strictly maintain the secrecy of their missions. The fights between the Kats and the super villainous Dark Kat was not everyone’s cup of tea. But those who enjoyed the dose, never shied to speak of the addiction.

14. Alladin

Cartoons That Need To Return On Television – Aladdin And His Unforgettable Magic Lamp

When Aladdin the country bumpkin falls in love with Princess Jasmine, he sure does make enemies. In his passion to succeed in his love, he turns into a Prince after he finds a magic lamp that fulfils his desires and gives him a friend in the form of a Genie. But then, Aladdin’s trouble had only begun. Aladdin was a fairy tale we had listened to time and again and watching it come to life, was an event in itself. They sure should bring back Aladdin and the beautiful Jasmine.

15. The Jetsons

Cartoons That Need To Return On Television – Into The Future with ‘The Jetsons’.

Does the song from ‘The Jetsons’ repeat itself in you head? If yes, you need to ‘Meet The Jetson’ again. This American Animated Sitcom took us way ahead to the future. So, we had Aerocars, Sky Houses, Three Day Work Week and overwhelming amount of leisure time. That was the life of George Jetson and his family and that is the life we want or at least wish to witness.

16. TaleSpin

Cartoons That Need To Return On Television – The Tale of Baloo The Bear. TaleSpin

TaleSpin was one of the most confusing cartoons ever watched. With no clue about the era and no idea about where the story was actually heading, Baloo the Bear was the only character that kept most of us glued to our TV sets. One thing we all knew was that Baloo was vulnerable but yet entertaining and lovable. Why not bring Baloo back. What Say?

17. He-Man

Cartoons That Need To Return On Television – He-Man

The alter-ego of Prince Adam, He-Man was our one of the favorite superhero series that we might have watched, obviously until we had our Desi, Shaktimaan ruling over the Indian Television. He-Man possessed superhuman strength wore nothing but briefs and held a sword to serve justice. Heroic Right? This comic character was an enjoyable experience for those kids who loved intense dramas even during their days of fun.

18. Scooby-Doo

scooby doo
Cartoons That Need To Return On Television – Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?

Scooby-Doo was kind of an epic that every kid in the world might have seen. If you actually have not watched an episode of Scooby-Doo in your life, you probably are not from this world. The story of Scooby and Shaggy, two cowards in company of three other detectives, Scooby-Doo turned out to be an iconic character in the world of Cartoon. Scooby-Doo and Shaggy’s fearfulness was always the cause for solving every case. Although we knew the end result, we could not help ourselves from watching every episode. Sometimes it was a Scooby-Doo marathon.

19. Chip And Dale

Cartoons That Need To Return On Television – The cutest pair of Chipmunks ever. Chip and Dale.

The cutest characters from the cartoon world, Chip and Dale were the best of Chipmunks that were ever brought to life in the world of sitcoms. These Chipmunks were initially the antagonists against Donald Ducks and when they had a series of their own, they did not survive much. We however don’t mind having them back. For whatever reason.

20. Richie Rich

Cartoons That Need To Return On Television – The Rich but not Spoilt. Richie Rich

Not every rich kid is spoilt or a brat. Richie Rich was another of Hannah-Barbara Production’s creation and like their other work, Richie Rich was a heart stealer. Be it his love for Gloria or his cluelessness regarding the world of poverty. Richie Rich was a hero in love and was a kid every other kid hoped to get into the shoes of. Richie Rich did have a feel good movie too but the cartoon already had our hearts taken away.

21. Ed-Edd n Eddy

Cartoons That Need To Return On Television – The Clueless Teenagers. Ed, Edd ‘n’ Eddy

Ed, Edd and Eddy was one of those cartoons that many teenagers connected to with ease. The story of three teenagers, clueless about everything in life including love was a story well told. When these clueless teenagers took on the journeys of adventures and summer camps, things got all the more entertaining and funny obviously.

22. Recess

Cartoons That Need To Return On Television – The First Lesson Of Bravery. RECESS

The young and the brave fought the evil with no signs of fear. Recess was fun to watch and served well as being a drama with good lessons. Recess beautifully told the story of four fourth graders who join in their mission to protect other kids against King Bob and is evil but loyal servants. Recess needs to return purely for its fun factor.

23. The Mask

Cartoons That Need To Return On Television – The Wacky. The Mask

The Mask was funny yet wicked, twisted yet hilarious and he was still a hero. The story of an ordinary man turning powerful after he finds the mystical mask of powers. The Mask was a cartoon well cherished and though they gave us a movie, we asked for the cartoon to return.

24. The Jungle Book

Cartoons That Need To Return On Television – The tale of the Jungle boy named Mowgli. The Jungle Book.

The sweetest tale of Mowgli, a jungle boy and his adventures in his homeland the forest. The Jungle Book is a story witnessed by every child and the title song is unforgettable even today. The boy in his briefs surely did steal our hearts.

25. Looney Tunes

Cartoons That Need To Return On Television – The Coming Together Of The Heroes – Looney Tunes.

Warner Bros. initially joint forces of Tweet and Sylvester, The Road Runner, The Bugs Bunny and many others to form the major episode of Looney Tunes. It was like watching avengers in childhood with all major cartoon heroes coming together.

Just like out childhood memories, the list of our childhood favourite cartoons do not end there. If you have any more to add to the list do let us know by writing to us on the comments section below. Do take time to bring out the child within you.